Membership Fee

About Membership

We are an inclusive club that welcomes all who want to play cricket and be part of a thriving local sports club in Stockholm North. The membership fees are our main source of income and vital for running the club. We expect club members to contribute through financial support, i.e membership fee, to buy and maintain cricket gears & equipment, club apparels, tournament fees, SCF fees, club equipment and conduct social events. However, in certain circumstances, we will support players by reducing membership fees and providing help with sports equipment, especially for women members and youth (please consult with our Club Secretary). The club membership runs from 1 Jan– 31 Dec each year. Annual membership fee is a non-refundable fee in any circumstances.

Refer to section 2.1 & 2.2 in the stadgar (Click Here) for information on gaining membership in Trident Sports Club.

New joiners, simply fill in this form BEHIND THIS LINK and submit. After registration, drop an email to and we will take a look. Following acceptance of the application, you will be issued with a club email account for club communication, be added to clubs WhatsApp group and you will be registered at Idrottsonline (Swedish Sports Online Portal) with Trident Sports Club. 


Please remember that through your employer you may be eligible for friskvårdsbidrag (health benefit). As a recognised sport in Sweden many companies allow their employees to claim activity fees for sports, check with your company whether you are eligible or not. Your company will provide information on what is required to support your claim.

Kind note: Club Invoice together with bank statement (confirming payment) is enough to avail Friskvårdsbidrag. In case, if you need a reciept please contact

Membership fee for year 2022 

Adults: SEK 1100

Reduced fee*: SEK 650

Kids *: SEK 0

* Youth between 18-25 (unemployed), women and support staff

Membership Fee (To All): SEK 150

Bank Details:

Plusgiro (PG) - 969480-3

Cancellation of membership

Trident Sports Club board keeps the right to ban/suspend member for certain period or revoke membership, refer to examples below.

Refer to section 2.4 and section 2.5 in the stadgar (Click Here).

  • Member indulges in verbal or physical violence with any Trident Sports Club members, umpire or any other Cricket Club in Sweden.
  • Member racially abuse any fellow club member, umpire or any other Cricket Club in Sweden.
  • Member breaches club’s drug policy and involves himself/herself in use of drugs and doping.
  • Member does not act according to Trident Sports Club and SCF rules and guidelines.
  • Member involves himself/herself in activities harming Trident Sports Club interest e.g. get involved in activities which cause Trident Sports Club financial & goodwill loss, push members to play for another clubs etc.

Every member is expected to follow the Stadgar and club rules, respect multicultural environment and work voluntarily.