Trident Sports Club

Latest news: 2022-04-17 - Women Cricket Festival

Trident Sports Club presents Trident Cricket Club

Trident sports club was founded by a group of cricket enthusiasts living in Stockholm, Sweden. The club was officially formed and announced on September 2019. Passion, teamwork and diversity are the core values of Trident Sports Club.

Trident sports club presents Trident Cricket Club, in co-operation with Svenska Cricket Förbundet (SCF), Trident Cricket Club take every opportunity to promote and increase interest in cricket, primarily in Stockholm region. 

Our core mission are to promote cricket with dedication to teamwork, sportsmanship and in a competitive spirit, provide facility, safe environment and expertise to grow cricketing skills and allow club members to gain full potential and finally promote cricket in Sweden among juniors, youths and adults.



Trident Sports Club is a registered club in Stockholm, Sweden

Organization Number: 802526-1440