IdrottOnline is a digital operating system that forms the basis for communication and administration between members, sports associations, special sports associations and the RF-SISU districts. It is mandatory to have all members of Trident Sports Club to be registered in Idrottonline. The board owns the responsibility to ensure all members are registered before start of a season and members have the responsibility to ensure there personal details and photograph are updated in Idrottonline.  Login to Idrottonline will require authentication through Freja ID. You will need to download Freja ID app in your phone for secure authentication.

Link to Idrottonline

Working with Children 

According to law, an association has the right to request that anyone who is to work with or otherwise have continuous and close contact with children must present a limited extract from the Police. Members - coach / leaders, of Trident sports club who work with children must request an extract from Police register from the link below. The national sports meeting in 2019 decided that associations should request a limited extract from the charge register for those who have assignments in the association and have direct and regular contact with children there. The decision entered into force on 1 January 2020. Register extracts must always be made for new appointments. Members of board at Trident sports club is responsible for carrying out the inspection. On the other hand, it is the individual leader who requests an extract from the Police and presents it to Trident sports club. The board must check the extract and document that the check has been carried out. No extracts shall be archived by the Trident sports club. This activity should be carried every year.

Now there is a new e-service at the police.

Cricclub App

CricClubs makes technology, products and services easily accessible to all cricket administrators, organisers, team managers and players. The Swedish Cricket Federation (SCF) in cooperation with CricClubs offers scoring service through Cricclub app. This app can be downloaded from Google / App store. Every individual player representing in SCF leagues games should have an account registered in her / his name in the app. All members of Trident Sports Club (including new) will be registered in Idrottonline by the board and there information is synced to Cricclubs app. 

Now there is a new e-service at the police.

Player transfer between clubs - NoC

The player transfer process is defined by Swedish Cricket Federation (SCF) and details are available from the SCF website link below. The process involves four parties - the individual player, the current cricket club / association, the new / former cricket club / association and finally communicate to SCF representative. 

As per the process for 2024 season, play transfer time window (at free of cost) is over. However, more details are available from the link above.

No objection certificate is mandatory in case of player transfer and it can also be downloaded from here.

DLS Calculator 

SCF recommended DLS calculator